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You are on this website because at some point in your past you purchased an Indexed Annuity, (sometimes referred to as a Fixed Indexed Annuity or Equity Indexed Annuity).  Now you own this product and, if you are like most people who visit this site, you have lost touch with your original agent, you do not understand what you own, and you have no one to get answers from. 

First let me say that you are not alone!  There are many people out there in your exact situation.  This website was developed for you!  This will be a great resource for you to get some understanding about your product and also learn how to manage your product in the future.

Rest easy, your product does have a guarantee that if the Index or Indices that your product offers goes down, you will not lose any money!  There are only two ways to lose money in an Indexed Annuity.  First, if you withdrawal too much money prior to the "Term" ending (The term is the number of years you have to stay in the Annuity).  Second, if your product has rider fees or other fees tied to it and you

receive zero gains from the Index Account.  The Index Account is the key to your Indexed Annuity making money.  Most Indexed Annuities will have multiple accounts that you can divide your money between.  You need to know that YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHANGE HOW YOU HAVE YOUR MONEY ALLOCATED ONCE A YEAR FOR FREE!  This is the most important lesson I can teach you about your product!  The trick is to know how you should have your annuity allocated.  This is not an exact science, but looking at past performance can help give you some direction.

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How your Indexed Annuity performs (or makes money) is based upon 2 factors.  

1. The Index or Indices that it offers

2. How your product credits interest from the Index to your account

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First let's look at what you have offered in your product.  When you purchased your Indexed Annuity, there were most likely a limited amount of Indices available.  Today there are over 100!  The PERFORMANCE button below will give you a look at the various Indices offered today.  You should be able to find what is offered in your product.  You need to understand that the Index performance by itself, will not determine how your Indexed Annuity will grow.  You need to also look at the second factor, how your annuity credits interest from the Index.

There are many ways your product can credit interest from the Index.  It may have a CAP that limits the growth, or a SPREAD that is deducted from the Index gain, a PARTICIPATION RATE that is applied to the gain, or other such features like RESET PERIODS, and MONTHLY SUM or AVERAGING.  The best way to see what you have and how it affects your performance is to generate a PERFORMANCE REPORT on your annuity!  The button below will show you a sample performance report.


As you can see from the sample performance report, this information can be very valuable to assist you in managing the performance of your Indexed Annuity.  If you would like to have this same report generated for your own Indexed Annuity, simply click the Free Performance Report Offer button below.

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